So my son started head start last week. He is 4, and has been home with mommy pretty much since day 1 of his life, well before that in my womb of course, but I stayed home most of his life up until now.

As you can imagine, him being my first born, my baby; even though he insists I call him a “big boy” I slip sometimes and call him my baby, letting him go to school alone was a toughie on me.

He rode the bus all by him self, like a big boy 🙂 He climbed right up the steps and into his seat and didn’t look back. Can you believe that y’all, he didn’t even look back, he didn’t even pretend like it was rough on him. So then mommy felt like a big baby. To make it worse, his sister was right behind him. I had to restrain her or she was gonna leave me for school too. What is this craziness? I grabbed her up and turned around and began walking back to the house. Holding on to her for dear life telling her she still had at least another year before she started school, and she was spending it with mommy. I told her!

After turning around to go home I called my mom, I had been so great, so strong. My son had no idea I was so scared inside for him to be growing up and go out in the world with out me at the ripe old age of 4. So on the phone with my mom I began to tear up, not sob, snot running down the face, but I did cry.

I was, and am, happy to have the one on one time with my little girl because she hasn’t had that time like big brother did, and I am feeling much better about it now. But in those first few minutes after he climbed on that bus and rode off I was scared, and sad that my little baby had grown up and somehow I think I must have missed some of it. I don’t know where 4 years went. I have tons of memories, but it just went by too darn fast.

How have you all handled your little ones going back to school or starting school this year? Any ideas for a mom with a kid just starting, because my son does have some reservations? Share the love, folks.

Love and prayers,
Heather 🙂