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Oh, so I figure I might need to give you all a little bit of background on myself before this blog makes a ton of sense. So here it goes.

Born and raised in West Virginia pretty much. Minus some moving around when I was really little and a few years in Kentucky for college. I got married at 20. at 23 and 24 I had my two children. After 7 years of marriage their father and I separated and eventually divorced.

Our relationship was pretty screwed up lol. There was a lot of verbal and mental abuse. I eventually believed that I could not make it with out him, and I certainly couldn’t raise two young children alone. And if I left him, he would take the children. Then came the physical abuse, it had happened before the kids, but then stopped for a while, until it started again. Finally one day something in my brain clicked after he had slapped me. My son had seen it this time, and for some reason I grew quite calm. I left him that day.

I want to say that, as much as I want to hate him for these things, I don’t. We were both broken people at this time. I allowed the abuse to take place, and he, I’m not sure, he just acted the way he felt appropriate I suppose.  I am not giving him a pass, nor condoning his actions. Merely stating that I forgive him.

So A year has passed, and I have done therapy. I was told at one point that after a divorce it can take 2 years or more to “become yourself again”. Learning who you are as a single person again. Boy, they were right. Its weird living alone, sleeping alone, not having another adult around. Dating is so hard you guys, lol. If you haven’t had to put your self out there in a while, its nuts. I often feel like a 14 year old giggly girl again 🙂  By often I mean the less than a handful of “dates” I have been on since the separation and divorce.

Maybe that’s something I can sound of to you guys about. You up for it? Lord knows I need all the help I can get you all. Anyway, more on the “getting back to who I am”  later. Have a great day.

Heather 🙂