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Currently I am a singe, stay at home mom. That means that I am not bringing in wages clearly. Well, maybe not clearly because many stay at home moms work from home, but I don’t, just so you know 🙂

My ex had a very good job when we were together, and I am fantastic with saving money you guys, I don’t mean to brag, but I am just totally awesome at it (and thank goodness because now I really need to hone those skills) Well my point is that I didn’t need to be creative with food, or clothes, or well anything because since I saved money so well we could always buy anything we needed. Once again not bragging, we weren’t rich, and we didn’t have expensive taste. We only bought what we needed, but we never had to worry about not being able to get the necessities.

Well, now I have to be creative, I have no choice. I don’t mind it, but I have to admit, as amazing as I am with money, I am not a creative crafty person by nature. I am really having to learn and research and stumble upon ideas to save us money now and still have what we need.

So, I decided I want to share some of the ideas I have come up with. None are new I admit, someone has come up with these things before, but maybe they are things you all haven’t thought about and it would help you save money and stretch things out too. :)Also, I was kinda hoping you all would share any ideas you have to help out to. But like I said, I am not super crafty, so any ideas need to be easy. Like “crafty ideas for dummies” because I am definitely a beginner 🙂

okay so here goes:
1. My kids never finish bananas any more :/ They used to so I kept buying them. Then I noticed I was throwing over ripe/ rotten bananas away every time. Finally it hit me, BANANA BREAD. Banana bread calls for super ripe bananas anyway, and its pretty easy to make. So now if I dumbly buy too many bananas again I have something to still use them for and stretch out the food 🙂

2. super lots of uses for crescents, okay a dear friend of mine came over and cooked dinner for the kids and I a couple weeks ago. [He’s so sweet, just gotta say :)] Anyway, he had accidentally bought crescents, so he left them here for me to use later. Well, I had no idea what to do with them, because I was fairly sure the kids wouldn’t eat them as is. Finally, a memory from my past slapped me in the face, and was like “hey kids love pigs in a blanket!” so I made that, and the kids LOVED them. Score 1 for mom 🙂 While recovering from my sore slapped face I also remembered that you could use the crescents to make mini pepperoni rolls, as well as cinnamon rolls. So yay, no wasted crescents, and some quick easy tasty treats to make them a little bit tastier to young kids. Oh, one more, you can spread some jam, or jelly, or fruit puree and roll the crescent for a little like rolled tart I suppose.
[I’m not putting recipes because like I said, I’m not crafty, these are very elementary ideas I realize, so I am sure if this is just a reminder to you of things you can do you will have a recipe in mind 🙂 if not comment below and I will tell you how I made them ;)]

3. Finally, I hate to admit that I only had one wash cloth. I had other towels, and kitchen towels, but no little wash cloths. Weird huh? Well I didn’t really care until the stress of this new life sort of got to me and I started to break out like crazy. Well, I didn’t have money to buy wash cloths, I mean they are just little squares of cloth but they are darn expensive. So anyway, another duh moment. I realized, why not just cut one of my slightly older falling apart towels into those same little squares of the same cloth that would cost me a ridiculous amount of cash. And voila plenty of wash cloths now 😉

So, there are a few of my ideas, nothing big, but it helps me 🙂 As I come up with more I will share. I hope these at least jogged your memory as I am sure you all are way ahead on this creative, crafty ideas of saving money. Speaking of you guys being creative and crafty; share some love for this newly single mom who is inept at this stuff haha. Send me some ideas please please please 🙂 Just if its too advanced some instructions may be needed 😉

Thanks guys
love and prayers

Heather 🙂